Research for All

Volume 2, Issue 1
25 January 2018
Research for All
UCL Press

Table of contents

Editorial: The challenges of sharing different ways of knowing1
Authentic Biology: Student-led research and discovery in schools6
Improving young people's health and well-being through a school health research network: Reflections on school–researcher engagement at the national level16
Engaging young children with climate change and climate justice34
High-school students engaging with researchers within a pre-university programme: Motivations and experiences43
School–university knowledge-exchange schemes62
Who inspired my thinking? – Young people, and teachers who encourage their creative thinking73
From homework club to social justice: Critical reflections on student volunteering through the examination of a school–university partnership76
Conceptualizing the wider societal outcomes of a community health programme and developing indicators for their measurement93
The plain language Glossary of Evaluation Terms for Informed Treatment choices (GET-IT) at www.getitglossary.org106
Can the research impact of broadcast programming be determined?122
A community-based public engagement with health experiment: Using English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) classes to empower immigrant communities with science131
A common standard for the evaluation of public engagement with research143
Developing university–society partnerships with a focus on climate change impact research using the 'business assist' model163
Making Sense of Interventions for Children with Developmental Disorders: A guide for parents and professionals , by Caroline Bowen and Pamela Snow175