International Journal of Social Pedagogy

Volume 9, Issue 1
31 January 2020
International Journal of Social Pedagogy
UCL Press

Table of contents

Imagining social pedagogy in/for New Zealand
In search of a social pedagogical profession in schools. Missions and roles under reconsideration
Using creativity, co-production and the common third in a communication skills module to identify and mend gaps between the stakeholders of social work education
Ethics in an individualized field of practice – Social pedagogy in the context of the neoliberal organization
Utilising the ‘common third’ to enhance social work education
Social pedagogy, music making and adopted children
Older people and creativity: What can a social pedagogical perspective add to this work?
Spatial social work, social pedagogy and the arrival of COVID-19 in practice: Prospects for new ways of working in uncertain times
Creating a learning space: Using experiential learning and creativity in the teaching and learning of social pedagogy
‘Does my Haltung look big in this?’: The use of social pedagogical theory for the development of ethical and value-led practice
Returning to the heart of teaching: Social pedagogy as phenomenological pedagogy
Play therapy insights into everyday social pedagogical practice in residential child care
Human encounters: The core of everyday care practice
Social pedagogical perspectives on fidelity to a manual: Professional principles and dilemmas in everyday expertise
A new framework for creativity in social pedagogy
Taking social pedagogy forward: Its fit with official UK statements on promoting wellbeing
It really does depend: Towards an epistemology (and ontology) for everyday social pedagogical practice
Towards recognising practitioners working in out-of-home care as experts in everyday life: A conceptual critique
Introduction: Everyday Expertise in Social Pedagogy special issue
Weaving a philosophical thread linking everyday practice and theory when ‘it depends … ’
Needs-based family support – Perception, structures and challenges in practical implementation
Creative mentoring: A creative response to promote learning and wellbeing with children in care. A service developed by Derbyshire County Council’s Virtual School