Jewish Historical Studies

Volume 51, Issue 1

Table of contents

Table of Contents: Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England , Volume 51 Issue 1i
Introduction: Breadth and depth in the history of the Kindertransport and beyondix
Archives and the Kindertransport: new discoveries and their impact on research1
The Kindertransport from Vienna: the children who came and those left behind16
The experiences of Kindertransportees and their parents: evidence from the archives of The Wiener Holocaust Library33
The politics of compassion: the Refugee Children’s Movement and caring for the Kinder51
From “unwanted Jew” to “a brighter professional future”: Kinder girls and the nursing profession in wartime Britain68
Modelling bridges between past and current issues of forced migration: Frank Meisler’s memorial sculpture Kindertransport – The Arrival86
The resilience of the refugee: how Kindertransport memoirs complicate understandings of “resilience”105
Exploring the integration of child refugees in the United Kingdom: the case of the Kindertransport119
The dominance of the national: on the susceptibility of Holocaust memory142
What the Kindertransportees tell us about the acquisition of English165
The Dudley Refugee Committee and the Kindertransport, 1938–1945183
Wyberlye Ladies Convalescent Home, Burgess Hill202
The emergence of the Kindertransport in Prague: the Barbican Mission to the Jews, a unique endeavour208
“All the leaves have lost their trees”: the Kindertransport as an experience of uprooting in the poetry of Gerda Mayer221
“My Mother”: Karen Gershon’s mother and daughters in her poems232
Witnessed Improvised Diaspora Journey Enactments: an experiential method for exploring refugee history246
Rescued twice: the French Kindertransport Differences from and similarities to the British Kindertransport267
American child welfare and the Wagner-Rogers Bill of 1939285
Was there a Jewish presence in medieval Ireland?301
Irish Questions and Jewish Questions: Crossovers in Culture326
Hebrew and Hebrew-Latin Documents from Medieval England: A Diplomatic and Palaeographical Study332
Perlzweig: Pioneer of British Zionism334
Britain’s Pacification of Palestine: The British Army, the Colonial State, and the Arab Revolt 1936–1939336
The Federation of Synagogues: A New History339
Fighting on All Fronts: John Rothenstein in the Art World342
People in a Magazine: The Selected Letters of S. N. Behrman and his Editors at The New Yorker345
Jews, Cinema, and Public Life in Interwar Britain348
The Exit Visa: A Family’s Flight from Nazi Europe352
Through a Different Lens: Stanley Kubrick Photographs355
Battling Editor: The Albany Years357
“The word ‘Jew’ has several meanings in relation to commerce, but almost all negative”: on the evolution of a projection361