London Review of Education

Volume 16, Issue 2
17 July 2018
London Review of Education
UCL Press

Table of contents

How the rights of all school students and teachers are affected by special educational needs or disability (SEND) services: Teaching, psychology, policy175
Quasi-markets, school diversity and social selection: Analysing the case of free schools in England, five years on191
Developing relationality and student belonging: The need for building cosmopolitan engagement in undergraduate communities214
School Britannia? Rhetorical and educational uses of 'British values'228
Mobility and language learning: A case study on the use of an online platform to learn Chinese as a foreign language239
The rise of the far right in Japan, and challenges posed for education250
Enhancing higher education curricula: A case study from the University of Waikato, New Zealand268
Five perils of the impact agenda in higher education279
Brain drain in higher education: Critical voices on teacher education in Yemen296
Migration and education: A narrative approach to the experience of foreign students in Portugal308
The weakness of 'powerful knowledge'325
The Strong State and Curriculum Reform: Assessing the politics and possibilities of educational change in Asia , edited by Leonel Lim and Michael W. Apple336
Handbook of Research on Teaching, Fifth Edition , edited by Drew H. Gitomer and Courtney A. Bell345