International Journal of Social Pedagogy

Volume 10, Issue 1
26 February 2021
International Journal of Social Pedagogy
UCL Press

Table of contents

Social pedagogy, social education and social work in Spain: Convergent paths
Social pedagogy in Bulgaria
Social pedagogy vs social work in Poland
‘We need to talk about Bona’: An autoethnographic account of fostering an unaccompanied asylum seeker
Daily life and school engagement: An empirical study privileging the first-person perspectives of unaccompanied asylum-seeking adolescents in a Danish context
Towards a social pedagogic approach for social care
Different reproduction codes as a cause of institutional discrimination against certain milieus of migrant children
Embedding social pedagogy and psychological safety with virtual teams
Constructing questions for the social professions of today: the case of social pedagogy
Leisure and youth clubs’ work with young people of ethnic minority background living in socially deprived housing areas: creating processes of hope and empowerment through social pedagogical work
The relationships between social pedagogy, social work and child protection: the case of Estonia
Social education and social work in Japan: from an education welfare theory perspective
A social pedagogy lens for social work practice with return migrants
Social pedagogy versus social work in a Swedish context
The relational navigator: a pedagogical reframing of widening educational participation for care-experienced young people
Book Review: Urban Playground: How child-friendly planning and design can save cities, by Tim Gill