Research for All

Volume 5, Issue 1
16 February 2021
Research for All
UCL Press

Table of contents

Table of Contents: Research for All 5 (1)
Editorial: Achieving and demonstrating innovation and new learning in public engagement1
Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the educational technology sector to become more research-minded: Introduction to a small collection5
What inspired my thinking to create UCL EDUCATE?16
The mentoring relation as an interpersonal process in EDUCATE: A qualitative case study of mentor–mentee perspectives19
Pre-emptive intervention and its effect on student attainment and retention36
Developing Little Bridge as an evidence-informed English language learning platform for 6–12 year olds52
Going beyond the one-off: How can STEM engagement programmes with young people have real lasting impact?67
Development of the School Science Club at Cardiff University86
A learning architecture: Developing a collective design pedagogy in Mumbai with Muktangan School children and the Mariamma Nagar community101
Creating impact through participatory action research: A film festival framework case study118
The Future of Our Seas: Marine scientists and creative professionals collaborate for science communication134
Co-researching complexities: Learning strategies for edge walking in community–university research partnerships157
Turning ‘evidence for development’ on its head: A view from Africa174