London Review of Education

Volume 21, Issue 1
04 January 2023
London Review of Education
UCL Press

Table of contents

Learning to think, perform and act with integrity: does teacher education have a signature pedagogy, and why does this matter?
Decolonising the school curriculum: a special feature
The 120th anniversary of IOE: critical engagement with educational and social thought, practice and development
Ann Oakley: new learning and global influence from working across conventional boundaries
The role of mathematics teacher educators in preparing teachers of mathematics to respond to global challenges within their classrooms
The Worlds of UCL: teaching, learning and institutional histories
The master’s element in initial teacher training: what is its value?
The university role in new teacher learning – why it matters: Teach First trainee perspectives
Supporting teachers in safeguarding against harmful sexual behaviour: service providers’ perspectives on transformative practices
Are our further education colleges still an anchor in our society?
Leading undergraduate provision in further education colleges: the experiences of BA Education programme leaders
The prestige economy of elite education: a Baudrillardian analysis of an aspirational English school
Research-informed teacher education, teacher autonomy and teacher agency: the example of Finland
The internationalisation process: an opportunity for meaningful intercultural interaction or segregation in one UK university?
Libyan teachers as transitionalist pragmatists: conceptualising a path out of the peacebuilding narrative in conflict-affected contexts
Choice of international branch campus: a case study
Making community-based learning and teaching happen: findings from an institutional study
Defying grand narratives of ‘being an international student’: finding ‘home’ in the Other
Continuity and churn: understanding and responding to the impact of teacher turnover
A critical review of international research into pre-service teachers’ beliefs and practices when teaching migrant learners
Book review: Digital Agency in Higher Education: Transforming teaching and learning, by Toril Aagaard and Andreas Lund
Scarcely visible? Analysing initial teacher education research and the Research Excellence Framework
Policy in the pandemic: lost opportunities, returning to ‘normal’ and ratcheting up control
A reply to ‘Education, decolonisation and international development at the Institute of Education (London): a historical analysis’ by Elaine Unterhalter and Laila Kadiwal
All carrot – no stick: an alternative award framework to enhance ‘international’ students’ sense of belonging and engagement in the extracurricular
Searching for belonging: learning from students’ photographs about their higher education experiences
‘Dear Epsom’: a poetic autoethnography on campus as home of an international doctoral student in Aotearoa New Zealand
Socioscientific modelling as an approach towards justice-centred science pedagogy
The educational process of Ukrainian university students following the full-scale Russian invasion
‘STEAM success stories’: refocusing the framework of intersectionality
Navigating old and new terrains of academic practice in higher education: indelible and invisible marks left from the Covid-19 lockdown19
Developing trauma-informed teacher education in England29
(Un)doing home: exploring home-making and identity – an example of a project in a London higher education classroom33
Narratives of home-making on a Colombian intercultural campus34
Challenging times: a contribution to the history of ‘Education, decolonisation and international development at the Institute of Education (London)’35
Home-making in the internationalised university: a theoretical and personal encounter through SWANA Forum for Social Justice36
Towards justice-oriented science teaching: examining the impact of the science capital teaching approach on teachers37
Interdisciplinary teaching practices in STEAM education in Brazil38
The psychosocial costs of racism to White staff members of an ethnically diverse, post-92 university39
A literature review of content elements in supervision training courses40
Beliefs and understandings of assessment theories and terminologies by university lecturers41