Archaeology International

Volume 18, Issue 1
16 November 2015
Archaeology International
UCL Press

Table of contents

Director’s Report 2014–20153
Studying at UCL Institute of Archaeology9
Bookshelf : A selection of recent publications from the Institute of Archaeology13
A Global Perspective on the Past: The Institute of Archaeology Around the World
The International Centre for Chinese Heritage and Archaeology (ICCHA): After a Decade of Success33
Centre for Applied Archaeology (CAA)37
Virtual Archaeology – The NextEngine Desktop Laser Scanner41
An Early Hunter-Gatherer Cemetery in the Canadian Lower Great Lakes45
Whitehawk Camp Community Archaeology Project: A Report from the Archives51
Transitional Objects: The Ucko Collection. A New Heritage Section Joint Research Project56
Comparing Pathways to Agriculture61
The Institute of Archaeology Library 1937–1986: Collections, Communities and Networks67
The Evolutionary Determinants of Health Programme: Urban Living in the 21 st Century from a Human Evolutionary Perspective84
Conversations about Home, Community and Identity97
Discoveries from La Manche: Five Years of Early Prehistoric Research in the Channel Island of Jersey113
Alumni Reflections124
From the Archives: Women of the Early Institute131