Research for All

Volume 7, Issue 1
26 January 2023
Research for All
UCL Press

Table of contents

Parkinson’s from inside out: emerging and unexpected benefits of a long-term partnership
Reflections of experts by experience and research team members on research and development about a sensitive issue that attracts stigma
The benefits of continuing patient and public involvement as part of a randomised controlled trial during the Covid-19 global pandemic
Social labs as good practice for transdisciplinary engagement processes in research and innovation
Creating room for citizen perspectives in ‘smart city’ Amsterdam through interactive theatre
Engaging domestic abuse practitioners and survivors in a review of outcome tools – reflections on differing priorities
Student perspectives on creating a positive classroom dynamic: science education in prison
Understanding how institutions may support the development of transdisciplinary approaches to sustainability research
Exploratory conversations: reflections on developing a triad interview method
In the shoes of a farmer: (re)connecting the public with animal health and welfare in livestock production
A typology of Twitter interactions to effectively analyse engagement and evidence research impact
Involving children, teachers and parents/carers in dialogues around child well-being in schools
Defining in the doing: listening and reflecting in a community–university collaboration
Citizen science against the plastic soup: background, motivation and expectations of volunteers studying plastic pollution on Dutch riverbanks
I:DNA – Evaluating the impact of public engagement with a multimedia art installation on genetic screening15
Unexpected benefits: reflections on virtual relationship building within public involvement during the Covid-19 pandemic16
Community engagement in population-level research in the context of Covid-19 in rural Bangladesh17
Queen’s Communities and Place: towards the alignment of higher education place-based strategy with local need18