London Review of Education

Volume 16, Issue 3
15 November 2018
London Review of Education
UCL Press

Table of contents

Teaching as a research-engaged profession: Uncovering a blind spot and revealing new possibilities357
Rethinking teaching and teachers: Bringing content back into conversation371
Powerful knowledge and epistemic quality in school mathematics384
Curriculum principles, didactic practice and social issues: Thinking through teachers' knowledge practices in collaborative work398
Powerful knowledge and the textbook414
Powerful knowledge, transformations and the need for empirical studies across school subjects428
Identifying powerful geographical knowledge in integrated curricula in Dutch schools445
Mathematics education in the spotlight: Its purpose and some implications460
Coherence and disparity in assessment literacies among higher education staff474
What have the changes made to primary and secondary assessment frameworks since 2014 done to the 'London effect' in school performance?491
Education and Society in Post-Mao China , by Edward Vickers and Zeng Xiaodong507
Critical Mathematics Education: Theory, praxis, and reality , edited by Paul Ernest, Bharath Sriraman and Nuala Ernest510
Education and Extremisms: Rethinking liberal pedagogies in the contemporary world , edited by Farid Panjwani, Lynn Revell, Reza Gholami and Mike Diboll513
The Toxic University: Zombie leadership, academic rock stars, and neoliberal ideology , by John Smyth516