London Review of Education

Volume 11, Issue 2
01 July 2013
London Review of Education
UCL Press

Table of contents

Students: researching voice, aspirations and perspectives in the context of educational policy change in the 14–19 phase91
The role(s) of student voice in 14–19 education policy reform: reflections on consultation and participation97
The perspectives of 'disengaged' students in the 14–19 phase on motivations and barriers to learning within the contexts of institutions and classrooms112
Valuing the talk of young people: are we nearly there yet?127
The views of students in the 14–19 phase attending three special schools and a secure unit on their learning and achievement140
Aspirations and an austerity state: young people's hopes and goals for the future157
Students' views and qualification policy development: perspectives on failed vocationally related policies174
Students' voice, aspirations, and perspectives: international reflections and comparisons179
From why to why not? The conundrum of including learners' perspectives: a response to this Special Issue184
Aspirations, education and social justice: applying Sen and Bourdieu190
England's citizenship education experiment: state, school and student perspectives192
England's citizenship education experiment: state, school and student perspectives194
Imagining the University196
The right to higher education: beyond widening participation198
Higher education and the state: changing relationships in Europe and East Asia200