Research for All

Volume 1, Issue 1
01 January 2017
Research for All
UCL Press

Table of contents

Decolonization of knowledge, epistemicide, participatory research and higher education6
The forgotten example of 'settlement sociology': Gender, research, communities, universities and policymaking in Britain and the USA, 1880–192020
Engaging with the public in public engagement with research35
Cultural transfer in reading groups: From theory to practice and back52
Nain, Mam and Me: Historical artefacts as prompts for reminiscence, reflection and conversation about feeding babies. A qualitative development study64
Stroke through a lens: Exposing the challenges of establishing a visual arts project as a research engagement activity84
Cardiff sciSCREEN: A model for using film screenings to engage publics in university research106
Research, relevance and respect: Co-creating a guide about involving young people in social research121
Reflecting on (the challenge of) conducting participatory research as a research-degree student128
Who inspired my thinking? – Sherry Arnstein143
Overcoming the Venn diagram: Learning to be a co-passionate navigator in community-based participatory research147
Changing what researchers 'think and do': Is this how involvement impacts on research?158
Supporting future scholars of engaged research168
Determinants of successful knowledge brokering: A transnational comparison of knowledge-intermediary organizations185
A 'work in progress'?: UK researchers and participation in public engagement198
Book review225