Archaeology International

Volume 20, Issue 1
14 December 2017
Archaeology International
UCL Press

Table of contents

Director’s Report 2016–20173
Studying at UCL Institute of Archaeology: Past and Present19
Bookshelf: A selection of Recent Publications from UCL Institute of Archaeology
A Selection of News from the Institute44
The Origins of Stonehenge: On the Track of the bluestones52
Artefacts of Excavation58
Developments in Ceramic Technology in North China in the Sixth Century AD64
The Building Bridges Research Project at the London Science Museum: Using an Ethnographic Approach with Under-Represented Visitor Groups69
Supply and Demand in Prehistory? Economics of Neolithic Mining in NW Europe (NEOMINE)74
Archaeometallurgy in Colombia: Recent Developments80
Bones on Stones85
Digitising and Re-examining Vere Gordon Childe’s ‘Dawn of European Civilization’: a celebration of the UCL Institute of Archaeology’s 80th Anniversary91
Civilisation and Human Niche Construction106
Open for Competition: Domesticates, Parasitic Domesticoids and the Agricultural Niche110
Human Niche Construction and Population Growth in Pre-Columbian Amazonia122
Avoiding the Pestilence of the State: Some Thoughts on Niche Construction, Heritage, and Sacred Waterworks137
A Global Perspective on the Past: The Institute of Archaeology around the World