London Review of Education

Volume 16, Issue 1
27 March 2018
London Review of Education
UCL Press

Table of contents

The EdD at 20: Lessons learned from professional doctorates1
Introduction to 'The EdD at 20: Lessons learned from professional doctorates' – a special feature for the London Review of Education4
A systematic review of research on professional doctorates10
Academic degree recognition in a global era: The case of the doctorate of education (EdD) in Israel28
Voicing the professional doctorate and the researching professional's identity: Theorizing the EdD's uniqueness40
Being written: Thinking the normative in the EdD56
Pensive professionalism: The role of 'required reflection' on a professional doctorate63
Professional doctorates: A pathway to legitimacy for non-academic HE professionals?75
The landscape of professional doctorate provision in English higher education institutions: Inconsistencies, tensions and unsustainability90
The UCL EdD: An apprenticeship for the future educational professional?104
Citation practices of postgraduate students writing literature reviews121
How effective is the research and development ecosystem for England's schools?136
Enhancing primary science teaching: Interconnections of content, policy and practice in a New Zealand professional learning and development programme152
Leading for Equality: Making schools fairer , by Jacky Lumby and Marianne Coleman165
Citizenship Education and Global Migration: Implications for theory, research, and teaching , edited by James A. Banks167
Knowledge and the Study of Education: An international exploration , edited by Geoff Whitty and John Furlong170
Inside Education: Exploring the art of good learning , by Stephen O'Brien172