London Review of Education

Volume 18, Issue 2
21 July 2020
London Review of Education
UCL Press

Table of contents

Table of Contents: London Review of Education 18(2)
Digital literacies and children’s personalized books: Locating the ‘self’151
Artificial intelligence in schools: Towards a democratic future163
Can artificial intelligence help predict a learner’s needs? Lessons from predicting student satisfaction178
Artificial intelligence and the technological turn of public education privatization: In defence of democratic education196
New digital laboratories of experimental knowledge production: Artificial intelligence and education research209
Balancing the demands of validity and reliability in practice: Case study of a changing system of primary science summative assessment221
What level of support is required to enable secondary school teachers to effectively teach first aid? A randomized trial236
Adapting to a new learning environment: Mainland Chinese students studying in master’s degree programmes in Hong Kong250
Resistance, professional agency and the reform of education in England265
Creative Connections: The power of contemporary art to explore European citizenship281
Education in an uncertain future: Two scenarios299
Book review: Social Equality in Education: France and England 1789–1939 , by Ann Margaret Doyle313
Book review: System Leadership: Policy and practice in the English schools system , by Susan Cousin315
Book review: Routledge Handbook of NGOs and International Relations , edited by Thomas Davies318
Book review: Politics, Managerialism, and University Governance: Lessons from Hong Kong under China’s rule since 1997 , by Wing-Wah Law320