Jewish Historical Studies

Volume 53, Issue 1

Table of contents

Table of Contents: Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England 53(1)
Introduction: Continuing disruptions, new beginningsix
Special acts of worship in Anglo-Jewry 1700-1970*1
Nineteenth-century provincial Jewry: a view from the Jewish press34
“If all of the sky were paper”: the Jewish chaplains at Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Part 1*57
“No religion could be more spiritual than ours”: Anglo-Jewish spiritualist societies in the interwar period83
Professor Jonathan Steinberg105
Excerpt from Educated: A Memoir108
The Holocaust in Eastern Europe: sources, memory, politics* : A view from London: selected papers from the symposium in honour of Professor Antony Polonsky112
Complicity and the Holocaust in Eastern Europe*115
Scholars and coming to terms with the Holocaust in Poland136
The politics of the memorialization of the Holocaust in Poland: reflections on the current misuses of the history of rescue152
Tribute to Antony Polonsky169
Review: Thou Art the Man: The Masculinity of David in the Christian and Jewish Middle Ages, by Ruth Mazo Karras179
Review: Jews and Protestants: From the Reformation to the Present, edited by Irene Aue-Ben-David, Aya Elyada, Moshe Sluhovsky, and Christian Wiese182