Jewish Historical Studies

Volume 55, Issue 1

Table of contents

Table of Contents: Jewish Historical Studies: A Journal of English-Speaking Jewry 55(1)
The Yiddish press and the making of South African Jewry in the British world: exclusion, libel, and Jewish nationalism, 1890–19141
The intertwining of antisemitism and racism in modern South Africa, c. 1880–1939*27
The other radicals: Zionist-socialist youth in apartheid South Africa, 1948–1970*51
Community cookbooks: a new lens on postwar South African Jewish culture*84
The limits of communal dissent: the rise and fall of the Kollel Yad Shaul as South Africa’s premier outreach organization*106
A London Jew in the California gold rush127
Tierra prometida: Jews from Rhodes in the Belgian Congo and Southern Rhodesia, 1910s–1960s*152
Scholarship on South African Jews: state of the field*176
Response to Shirli Gilbert219
Response to Shirli Gilbert222
Response to Shirli Gilbert226
Response to Shirli Gilbert230
Response to Shirli Gilbert234
Response to Shirli Gilbert237
Response to Shirli Gilbert241
Writing history about the ties that bind: reflections246
The making of a South African Jewish community on the Rand*251
A changing cast: reflections on the history of antisemitism in South Africa286
Review: The Medieval Postcolonial Jew, In and Out of Time, Miriam Ara Krummel310
Review: The Christian Jew and the Unmarked Jewess: The Polemics of Sameness in Medieval English Anti-Judaism , Adrienne Williams Boyarin315
Review: The Fruit of her Hands: Jewish and Christian Women’s Work in Medieval Catalan Cities, Iberian Encounter and Exchange319
Review: Ageing in Medieval Jewish Culture, Elisha Russ-Fishbane323
Review: Jews in Nineteenth Century Britain: Charity, Community and Religion, 1830–1880, Alysa Levene327
Review: Jewish Antifascism and the False Promise of Settler Colonialism, Max Kaiser330
Review: Zwischen Antisemitismus und Apartheid: Jüdinnen und Juden in Südafrika (1948–1990), Hanno Plass335