London Review of Education

Volume 15, Issue 2
01 July 2017
London Review of Education
UCL Press

Table of contents

Negotiating the nation: Young people, national narratives and history education149
Foreword to the special feature 'Negotiating the nation: Young people, national narratives and history education', edited by Jocelyn Létourneau and Arthur Chapman152
In search of historical consciousness: An investigation into young South Africans' knowledge and understanding of 'their' national histories155
Making narrative connections? Exploring how late teens relate their own lives to the historically significant past174
The useful past in negotiation: Adolescents' use of history in negotiation of inter-group conflict194
'I was born in the reign …': Historical orientation in Ugandan students' national narratives212
History as a 'GPS': On the uses of historical narrative for French Canadian students' life orientation and identity227
The Swedes and their history243
'We need to remember they died for us': How young people in New Zealand make meaning of war remembrance and commemoration of the First World War259
Flemish students' historical reference knowledge and narratives of the Belgian national past at the end of secondary education272
Why national narratives are perpetuated: A literature review on new insights from history textbook research286
Student dropout in upper secondary education in Norway: A challenge to the principles of the welfare state?302
Educational leadership on the Chinese mainland: A case study of two secondary schools in Beijing317
School Leadership (3rd edition), edited by Jim O'Brien329
Human Rights and Schooling: An ethical framework for teaching for social justice, by Audrey Osler332
Practical Politics: Lessons in power and democracy , by Titus Alexander334