London Review of Education

Volume 10, Issue 1
01 March 2012
London Review of Education
UCL Press

Table of contents

Interrogating access and learning in Kenyan schools: empirical analysis1
Do poverty dynamics explain the shift to an informal private schooling system in the wake of free public primary education in Nairobi slums?3
The effect of active teaching and subject content coverage on students' achievement: evidence from primary schools in Kenya19
Patterns of teaching style and active teaching: do they differ across subjects in low and high performing primary schools in Kenya?35
What explains gender gaps in maths achievement in primary schools in Kenya?55
Raised aspirations and attainment? A review of the impact of Aimhigher (2004–2011) on widening participation in higher education in England75
Transformation, trust and the 'importance of teaching': continuities and discontinuities in the Coalition government's discourse of education reform89
Contributing knowledge and knowledge workers: the role of Chinese universities in the knowledge economy101
E-connecting with e-learning series: the power of role-based e-learning113
Trust in education: truths and values115
Reimagining Japanese education: borders, transfers, circulations, and the comparative117
Educational psychology: concepts, research and challenges119
The psychology of education122
Identity crisis: working in higher education in the twenty-first century124
European universities and the challenge of the market: a comparative analysis125