London Review of Education

Volume 14, Issue 1
18 April 2016
London Review of Education
UCL Press

Table of contents

Higher education policymaking in an era of increasing marketization1
Foreword: The Partial Shift from Public to Private Goods in UK Higher Education4
Policymaking and the politics of change in higher education: The new 1960s universities in the UK, then and now11
Expanding the English medical schools: The politics of knowledge control23
Managing the student experience in English higher education: Differing responses to market pressures33
The marketization of English higher education and the financing of tuition fees47
Researching the transnational higher education policy landscape: Exploring network power and dissensus in a globalizing system56
Transnational partnerships in higher education in China: The diversity and complexity of elite strategic alliances70
College higher education in England 1944–66 and 1997–201086
The Business Studies University: Turning higher education into further education106
Further education colleges and leadership: Checking the ethical pulse116
Higher education: Public good or private commodity?131
David Watson 1949–2015: A life in higher education143
Writing for Scholars: A practical guide to making sense and being heard (2nd Edition)156
The Critical Global Educator: Global citizenship education as sustainable development, by Maureen Ellis158