Archaeology International

Volume 4, Issue 1
23 October 2000
Archaeology International
UCL Press

Table of contents

The fourth issue of Archaeology International2
Some highlights of the 2000/2001 academic year3
The Institute's Primary Research Groups in 2000-20014
Remembering Frederick Zeuner and others at the Institute of Archaeology, 1945-489
The Vale of Pickering in the Mesolithic: uncovering the early post-glacial landscape11
Forgotten buildings: detached kitchens in Southeast England14
Tree rings and time: recent historical studies in England17
The evolutionary analysis of cultural behaviour21
Wall painting in the Roman empire: colour, design and technology24
An early entente cordiale? Cross-Channel connections in the Anglo-Saxon period28
Roads to riches: making good the silver ore at Lavrion in Greece31
Cattle, identity and genocide in the African Great Lakes region35
Hunting, herding, feasting: animal use at Neolithic Catalhoyuk, Turkey39
Ashmounds and hilltop villages: the search for early agriculture in southern India43
Burials of kings or of tribal leaders? Interpreting the evidence from monumental tombs in southern Japan47
Collapse, conquest and Maya survival at Lamanai, Belize52
Opening the stable door: new initiatives at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology57
Staff and Students of the Institute in 2000-200160