London Review of Education

Volume 18, Issue 1
01 March 2020
London Review of Education
UCL Press

Table of contents

The Council of Europe's Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture : Policy context, content and impact1
'Boosting resilience' and 'safeguarding youngsters at risk': Critically examining the European Commission's educational responses to radicalization and violent extremism18
Liberal education in turbulent times: Policy, pedagogy and their effects in European comparison35
Improving Roma participation in European early childhood education systems through cultural brokering50
Informal patriotic education in Poland: Homeland, history and citizenship in patriotic books for children65
Young Europeans' constructions of a Europe of human rights81
Powerful knowledge, myth or reality? Four necessary conditions if knowledge is to be associated with power and social justice96
Pedagogical knowledge in English language teaching: A lifelong-learning, complex-system perspective107
Methodological challenges for the qualitative researcher: The use of a conceptual framework within a qualitative case study126
Book review: Improving Educational Gender Equality in Religious Societies: Human rights and modernization pre-Arab Spring , by Sumaia A. Al-Kohlani142
Book review: Psychology and the Study of Education: Critical perspectives on developing theories , edited by Cathal Ó Siochrú145
Book review: Higher Education Strategy and Planning: A professional guide , edited by Tony Strike148