International Journal of Social Pedagogy

Volume 12, Issue 1
31 January 2023
International Journal of Social Pedagogy
UCL Press

Table of contents

Citizenship to (counter)terrorism: the need to de-securitise the Norwegian education system and create space for democratic resilience
Book review: Boys’ Stories of Their Time in a Residential School: ‘The best years of our lives’, by Mark Smith
The paradoxes of social work in a securitised setting: the example of prevention and radicalisation in German prisons
Creating hope in dystopia: Utopia as Method as social pedagogy in early childhood studies
Racism and radicalisation in Denmark: outline for a social pedagogical prevention model
A human approach to restructuring the education system: why schools in England need social pedagogy
Social pedagogy and citizenship education in England: an exploration with case studies involving secondary school students in London
Freire for twenty-first-century, austerity-driven schools: creating positive educational relations with and among students at the margins
Igniting social pedagogy through learning and teaching partnerships in a higher education context
Civic action on social media: fostering digital media literacy and epistemic cognition in the classroom
Our Home: a revolutionary case study in social pedagogy
Editorial: social pedagogy and anti-extremism/anti-terrorism
Cultivating cultural capital with a therapy dog in a third-grade classroom
Infinitive avoidance and splendid isolation: Rousseau and the use of conflicts in education14
Socio-pedagogical practices towards inclusive education implemented by teachers in their classrooms15
Ethical and relational leadership in a complex world: the use of the Human Learning Systems and social pedagogical leadership framework to navigating complexity16
Unsettling teacher preparation: cultivating liminality and remaking space17
Into the future: growing understandings of social pedagogy18