History Education Research Journal

Volume 19, Issue 1
27 January 2022
History Education Research Journal
UCL Press

Table of contents

Austrian teachers’ understanding and teaching of historical culture: challenges for the implementation of curriculum reforms in Austria
Relationships between adolescent students’ reading skills, historical content knowledge and historical reasoning ability
Why is ‘powerful knowledge’ failing to forge a path to the future of history education?
Teaching and learning the legacy of residential schools for remembering and reconciliation in Canada
Teaching historical thinking in practice: a study of US history teachers’ views on using primary sources in AP and IB history lessons
Film as a gateway to teaching about slavery through historical empathy: a case study using 12 Years a Slave (McQueen, 2013)
Recontextualising history in primary school: discourses in the classroom
The effectiveness of history teacher education concerning the development of lesson planning knowledge: an example from Germany
Narrations of (in)significant pasts in young people’s identity construction
Conceptualising historical legacies for transitional justice history education in postcolonial societies
The concept of historical time in early childhood education: theoretical, methodological approaches and practice