London Review of Education

Volume 17, Issue 3
01 November 2019
London Review of Education
UCL Press

Table of contents

Editorial: Methodological innovations in qualitative educational research249
Global–local imbrications in education policy: Methodological reflections on researching the sociology of Teach for Bangladesh252
The unspoken power of collage? Using an innovative arts-based research method to explore the experience of struggling as a teacher268
Psychodynamic incidents in teaching: Researching relational aspects of classroom practice284
Participatory action research and co-researching as a tool for situating youth knowledge at the centre of research297
Foreword: New directions in lifelong learning314
Editorial: New directions in lifelong learning316
The rise of lifelong learning and fall of adult education in India318
Educational aid, symbolic power and policy reform: The World Bank in Ethiopia331
Why we need to talk about lifelong learning and intercultural universities347
Mock elections as a way to cultivate democratic development and a democratic school culture362
Reconceptualizing cultural literacy as a dialogic practice383
Education and social pedagogy: What relationship?393
A pilot study of MBA programmes in South Africa406
The end of powerful knowledge?429
Book review: The Thinking University: A philosophical examination of thought and higher education , edited by Ronald Barnett and Søren Bengtsen439
Book review: Successful Dissertations: The complete guide for education, childhood and early childhood studies students , edited by Caron Carter442
Book review: Multicultural Education of Children and Adolescents , 6th edition, by M. Lee Manning, Leroy G. Baruth and G. Lea Lee445
Book review: The Impact of the First World War on British Universities: Emerging from the shadows , by John Taylor448