International Journal of Social Pedagogy

Volume 4, Issue 1
01 January 2015
International Journal of Social Pedagogy
UCL Press

Table of contents

Social Pedagogy in Times of Crisis in Greece1
1844-2014: 170 Years of Social Pedagogy Can Greece’s Economic Crisis Highlight the Potential of Social Pedagogy?2
Fighting Corruption: Values Education and Social Pedagogy in Greece in the Middle of the Crisis24
Bullying and Victimization in Cyprus: The Role of Social Pedagogy43
The Interaction between Theory and Practice in Social Pedagogy: Α European Campaign and an Interactive Social Pedagogical Tool against Bullying in Schools55
Social Pedagogy and School Community Preventing Bullying in Schools and Dealing with Diversity: Two Sides of the Same Coin65
Religion and Religious Diversity within Education in a Social Pedagogical Context in Times of Crisis: Can Religious Education Contribute to Community Cohesion?85
Social Pedagogy under Very Difficult Conditions: The Case of the Multicultural School of Athens101
School and Student Families’ Communication Techniques and Relevant Practices in a Social Pedagogical Context: Primary School Principals’ Views in Greece during the Economic Crisis117
All-Day School: A School in Crisis or a Social Pedagogical Solution to the Crisis?137
The Institution of Free School Meals in Times of Crisis in Greece (1924-1964): A Historical and Social Pedagogical Dimension150
Crisis, Childhood and Children’s Rights: A Modern Sociological Approach165
Child Protection in Times of Crisis in Greece177
The Socio-Economic Crisis and Human Rights in Greece: The Role of Social Work190
Greeks and Albanian Immigrants’ Perceptions on Family Values, Marriage Myths and Love: The Role of Acculturation204
Social Psychology and Social Pedagogy: Their Interdisciplinarity in Group Counselling for Parents219
Multiple Practices of Social Pedagogy: The Case of The Smile of the Child , a Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Children’s Protection and Well-Being227
The Value of Social Pedagogical Volunteerism in the Midst of the Greek Economic Crisis: The Example of Voluntary Caring for Patients in the Hospitals (EDANI)241
Social Pedagogical Reflexes of Greek Society during the Economic Crisis Period: Indicative Social Pedagogical Actions248