London Review of Education

Volume 14, Issue 2
15 September 2016
London Review of Education
UCL Press

Table of contents

Education in London: Challenges and opportunities for young people1
Using design-based research to improve the lesson study approach to professional development in Camden (London)4
Alternative educational provision in an area of deprivation in London25
Benchmarking London in the PISA rankings38
Girls in the UK have similar reasons to boys for intending to study mathematics post-16 thanks to the support and encouragement they receive66
The London Geography Alliance: Re-connecting the school subject with the university discipline83
Social justice in the mathematics classroom104
Multilingualism in education in cosmopolitan cities: Insights into LUCIDE network research119
Negotiating and appropriating the 'one person, one language' policy within the complex reality of a multilingual crèche in Strasbourg122
Language planning and education of adult immigrants in Canada: Contrasting the provinces of Quebec and British Columbia, and the cities of Montreal and Vancouver134
Multilingualism and language learning: The Rome city report157
Language education in a multilingual city: The case of Limassol174
Toronto: A new global city of learning186
Gender, Education and Employment: An international comparison of school-to-work transitions, edited by Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Jan Skopek, Moris Triventi, and Sandra Buchholz199
Doing Research in Education: Theory and practice, edited by Ioanna Palaiologou, David Needham, and Trevor Male201
Constructing Modern Asian Citizenship, edited by Edward Vickers and Krishna Kumar203