Archaeology International

Volume 19, Issue 1
12 December 2016
Archaeology International
UCL Press

Table of contents

Director’s Report 2015–20164
Studying at UCL Institute of Archaeology: Past and Present18
A Global Perspective on the Past: The Institute of Archaeology Around the World30
A Selection of News from the Institute43
The ALBIMEH Project – Atlantic Late Bronze Age Metal Hoards Compared49
Exploring Ancient Identities in Modern Britain54
Progress in British Dendrochronology58
Urbanism East of the Aral Sea: The Medieval City of Kuik-Mardan, Kazakhstan63
Heritage Futures68
Archaeology in the 4ures Rapids of the Middle Orinoco, Venezuela73
The Human Remains Collections at the UCL Institute of Archaeology: Recent Acquisitions from Eastgate Square, Chichester, Sussex79
Pathways of Rice Diversification across Asia84
Past and Future Earth: Archaeology and Soil Studies on Ambergris Caye, Belize97
‘All Museums Will Become Department Stores’: The Development and Implications of Retailing at Museums and Heritage Sites109
Silk Roads in the Kingdom of Bhutan and the Development of a National Heritage Inventory122
Rediscovery of Gertrude Caton-Thompson’s Fayum Lithic Collection134