London Review of Education

Volume 12, Issue 1
31 March 2014
London Review of Education
UCL Press

Table of contents

Editor's Introduction1
Empire at the margins: Compulsory mobility, hierarchical imaginary, and education in China's ethnic borderland5
Getting to know you: The development of intercultural competence as an essential element in learning Mandarin20
Profession or passion?: Teaching Chinese in London Chinese complementary schools34
Active citizens, good citizens, and insouciant bystanders: The educational implications of Chinese university students' civic participation via social networking50
Learning methodology in the classroom to encourage participation63
Young people's transitions in London and temporal orientations of agency77
Student-centredness in urban schools in China90
International academic franchises: Identifying the benefits of international academic franchise provision104
Motivating and supporting young people to study mathematics: A London perspective121
A School in Every Village: Educational reform in a Northeast China county, 1904–31143
Learning from Shanghai: Lessons on achieving educational success145
Cambridge Chinese for Beginners: Textbook 2147
Property Ownership and Private Higher Education in China: On what grounds?150
A Critical Ethnography of 'Westerners' Teaching English in China: Shanghaied in Shanghai152
The Rise of Data in Education Systems: Collection, visualization and use154
Henry Morris: The Cambridgeshire Village Colleges and community education156